Turners Makes Community Exciting

Everything you could hope for in your community is right under your nose.  American Turners of Delaware, aka The Turners Club, is rooted in 100 years of fostering a sound mind, sound body, and sound community.  Learn about all ATD can offer including sports, fitness, clubs, activities, social life, and business resources.


Sound Mind

American Turners of Delaware is made up of a group of loving community members who bond over sports leagues, shuffleboard games, and grabbing a drink at the bar.


Sound Body

American Turners of Delaware offers sports clubs such as volleyball and Wildfire frisbee, and soon hopes to offer fitness classes such as yoga, HIIT, and Zumba.


Sound Community

American Turners of Delaware is getting ready to roll out a community garden.  This is just one of the many amenities that the club offers.


Running Your Own Business?

Rent Office Space

coming soon! With individual offices starting at $100/day and shared space for $50/mo there's an affordable way for anyone to get their business out of their house.

Food Commissary

coming soon! If you need space to prep and cook your food, we've got you covered with our certified kitchen and commissary. Our industrial-kitchen rents out at only $30/hr.

Event Space

Need to host a special event for your employees? Whether it's a holiday party or a baby shower, Turners Club offers super affordable event space.

Fitness Studios

coming soon! We have affordable hourly studio space for yoga teachers, physical therapists, personal trainers, kickboxing instuctors, and dance teachers.

Sports, Clubs, & Activities

There's something here for everyone.  Whether you enjoy cooking, playing basketball, or socializing with friends over a game of shuffleboard, we've got the activities to fill out your social schedule.


Ready to become a member?

All the perks for only $85/year.

American Turners of Delaware

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