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Sound Mind Sound Body

Community Gardens

Individual Gardens, Social Gathering

Community Garden Club Resource Page

Coordinator: Eric Hoover - ericthoover1@gmail.com

Meeting Days & Hours

Periodic workdays.  Maintain own plot as needed.

Gather once/week during the warm months to garden together, share advice, and build community.

Months in Operation

Registration:  Opens March 1st while availability lasts!

Gardening:  March 15th - Nov 30th

Cleanup: Nov 1st - Dec 1st

Important Info

Location: 701 S Clayton St  Wilmington, DE

Rules: All community garden rules must be followed - outlined below.  Contact Eric Hoover for questions: ericthoover1@gmail.com

Turners Community Gardens

How It Works

Turner's Community Garden Club tends to their gardens on an individual basis and meets twice a week to garden as a group.  When the sun sinks, the fire pit provides an ambiance for which gardening diagnostics and stories are shared.  This social club sinks its roots into community building and relationships. 

To Join: Garden plots in 2022 are free, but membership to the club is required.  Apply below.

(note: membership is not required to apply)


Mission, Vision, Philosophies, & Expectations


To cultivate community through improving a space, embracing nature, and bringing community members together. 



A garden that focuses on a "sound mind in a sound body" by cultivating community and positive energy as much as cultivating plants.  In addition to growing healthy local and organic vegetables, Sound Mind Sound Body Community Garden aims to:


-Grow community through improving a common space together, which will not only be used as a place to grow plants, but also a space to have activities including fitness classes, recreational gatherings, and private and public events.  
-Educate and inspire fellow gardeners, members who use the space, and the greater community on soil-based and native horticulture.

-Bring a diverse group of community members together to unite as friends and co-inhabitants of the mission of the garden.


Horticultural Philosophy

The motto of the garden is "Soil is Life", which emphasizes the importance of cultivating high-quality soil, implements the organic practices to facilitate soil, and plant growth, and recognizes that soil is quite literally organic material made up of living and once-living creatures.  The garden also emphasizes planting native in order to nurture and sustain the native insect network as much as possible.


Practices that will be encouraged if not enforced include: no-till gardening, no use of chemicals or supplements unless a last resort (99% organic), planting mostly native plants and flowers, and proactive action against pests and weeds through early intervention and proper planning and design.


Finally, SMSBCG will put an emphasis on sustainability, water conservation, energy management, and waste management.



All gardeners must be members of American Turners of Delaware and fulfill their garden fees.  We believe that finances should not be a barrier to community participation, so financial assistance is available where needed. 

All gardeners must be absolutely committed to their plots and the community garden as a whole, and poorly tended crops will not be tolerated.

All gardeners must be proactive about pest management, as poorly managed pests can effect everyone within the garden community.

All gardeners must adhere to the gardening philosophies of community garden unless given explicit permission to do so - granted on a case by case basis.


All gardeners will have 24/7 access to their plots, and additional access to the greater community garden for recreational purposes.  Schedule TBD.

Discrimination of any kind based on race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status such as disability, age, marital and family status, sexual orientation and gender identity, health status, place of residence, economic and social situation, will not be tolerated.


The Garden Will Provide

Some community-shared tools, water access, electric access, soil, compost and trash access, tool locker, and on-site parking. 


Plants, seeds, and in-depth gardening tools and infrastructure not provided.

Current Plot: A Massive 17,000ft2 


3-Year Vision:


At Night:



No important announcements at this time: